Out of the Shadows

It’s almost November…of 2016. I spent almost a year since my last post. Where have I been? Hiding. To be completely honest I haven’t been practicing what I’ve been preaching. You see over the last few months I’ve been having a few financial troubles and well saving lets just say–hasn’t been my strong suite. I under estimated how hard it really is. I thought I was going to become this savings guru over night but that seems impossible. Although I think I am in a better position now than ever before, it took some trial and error to finally get me to a comfortable place.  So I have rededicated myself to be more disciplined in my spending and saving habits.


I will say that I do now have a financial advisor who advises me mostly on saving for my retirement. Although, I have been hiding from him too! BUT I have come from behind of the shadows and I am now ready to live up to my own expectations.


The other day I came across this website that allows you to send an email to your future self. How cool! So I’ve been using this tool to send me monthly reminders of what all I need to accomplish on my journey to freedom. I think this is an awesome tool to also send yourself letters of encouragement. After all, you are your biggest supporter and on your own journey—no matter what it may be—you’ll need a lot of support and encouragement because it’s always easier said than done.


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