Dear Student Loans,We Don’t Have Your Money!


Going to school and getting a degree—no matter the field —might be one of the most accomplished, achieving milestone that us graduates are proud of to date. But it brings me to ask, why do we continue our education? Is it because we really want to go to an institution for higher learning or is it because we are told that by doing so our careers would sky-rocket? OK, maybe some of us went for both reasons but regardless of what reason they failed to mention one thing— payback is a b**** for those who had to take out student loans to pay for our education.


Excuse my French but if I get another call from Mr. Fargo or Ms. Sallie Mae then I’m going to catch a case. We go to school to increase our chances of landing a stellar job to have the career we all dreamed we would have but by the time we graduate the job market sucks. Maybe you land a job, but the pay is not sufficient enough to pay back your loans. They call and harass us asking for their money with no sentiment or compassion to think- maybe we just don’t have the means to pay it. I mean at least if they’re going to call to harass us they could give us the decency to ask—”are you financially able to make a payment?” I guess they think since we went to college that we now have jobs with million dollar salaries. I bet the very ones calling to harass us are in student loan debt too.


Mr. Fargo and Ms. Sallie Mae here’s a news flash— WE DON’T HAVE YOUR MONEY—well, at least not at the moment. Now don’t confuse this message and think that we don’t want to pay it back because that’s not what we’re saying, I mean maybe some of us don’t—but that’s beside the point. We just want the opportunity to be in a financial position where we are able to pay off our debt.


I mean thanks for the three-month grace period that we get after we graduate but quite frankly its just not enough time to get our feet wet. Some of us aren’t as fortunate as others who land jobs straight out of college. Yes, there are deferments for those who go back to school, income based programs and other repayment plans but give us a break. Just know if we’re late on a payment or two I can guarantee you that the money owed is going to things like rent and food, something we NEED to survive. I mean you guys are kind like robbing us of money that we just don’t have.


I will thank you for one thing, allowing me personally to realize that I have to spend my money wisely to avoid you from harassing me with a million and one calls. otherwise, YOU SUCK. Anyways, I’m done going in and tangents. I hope you rest easy knowing that there’s millions of people who despise you all!!


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