It’s a choice, not a lifestyle…

imageGrowing up I had dreams of graduating from college, getting my dream job,  house, car and every other thing that my dream salary could buy. I’m now 27 with student loan debt, I have a so so job, I’m still at home with mom and dad and I drive  a not so dreamy Hyundai Accent. I mean I guess I’m doing better than a lot of people, but what I really lack and is in need of is Financial Freedom!!


More than ever, I would love to

  1. pay off my student loan debt and,
  2. become a homeowner.

In order to do this I need to cut back on my spending habits and reevaluate my finances. So, I have decided to change things up and I’m not waiting for the new year to do it. Now is the time for me to put my big girl… I mean grown woman panties on and start being financially responsible. I’m putting a plan in action to take charge of my financial future.

So far I’ve made a few changes. I now go grocery shopping and actually make dinner. I started  bringing my lunch from home instead of eating out everyday, which can get crazy expensive. No more shopping, all though its much easier said than done. I’ve even told my friends that I’m not up to going out and spending my money at the bar —which really mean, “I’ll go out as long as they treat” ! So, I have declared myself BROKE. At least that’s what I tell myself to force me to not spend money.


With all this being said, I invite you to follow me on my journey to financial freedom. I’m sure it will be hard but It will so be worth it. Better yet, I challenge you to start a journey of your own. Here you’ll find tools,  resources, tips, tricks and maybe a few treats to help you along your path. So remember, it’s ok to be broke which in my case means, to not spend money, as long as it’s your choice and not your lifestyle—no one wants to really be broke!


4 thoughts on “It’s a choice, not a lifestyle…

  1. So proud of you for doing this!!! A lot of people aren’t willing to admit they have a negative cash flow because of all the debt they have! I will definitely be reading! Go girl!!! Xo!

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